A World of Wine and Food at Sea

A World of Wine and Food at Sea

Fine wines and luxury travel go hand in hand but can often be out of reach of most budgets. With a bit of research though, there are ways to combine these two for less than princely sums and cruising is at the top of the list. Options abound for those who simply want to try…

New Zealand: An Unexpectorated Journey

New Zealand: An Unexpectorated Journey

By David Skinner When Peter Jackson decided upon his native New Zealand to serve as middle earth for his rendering of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, nationalistic nepotism served him less than the splendor of the rich and varied landscapes found in his home islands. The films depicted rugged terrain and lands…

Oregon’s Peak Destinations for Food, Wine and Golf

Oregon’s Peak Destinations for Food, Wine and Golf

Nestled in a pastoral Oregon valley between the Cascade Mountains and the Coastal Range lies some of the best cool climate wineries in North America. While some would say the terroir of the Willamette Valley rivals that of Burgundy, that claim can only be tested when tasted. There are seven American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in…

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A Winemaker’s Journey Through New Zealand’s Wine Regions

In New Zealand the wine trail always seems to lead to one of Villa Maria’s cellar doors. The flagship brand is represented by over 60 labels but founder, Sir George Fistonich, has been adding other great regional wineries to the family with quality and diversity driving his search for excellence. Thornbury, one of the more…


A Tasteful Journey from Provence to Paris

Provence stands as Southern France’s glorious gateway to the viticultural and gastronomic treasures awaiting discovery along the Rhône River Valley. A river cruise from Provence to Burgundy is likely one of the best ways to experience these famous wine regions and cruising is the most leisurely and convenient way to uncover abundant appellations and epicurean…


A Perfect Day in Napa

Every morning around 10:00 the cloudy duvet that covers the Napa landscape begins to pull back and the valley awakens to herald another day in wine paradise. In the first few days of my sojourn to California’s most renowned wine region, it was hard to break the habit of my usual hectic schedule and realize…



David Skinner established Vinirefera to share his passion for extraordinary wine travel experiences with those who also seek flavorful memories.

What started as simple enjoyment became a serious pursuit of knowledge and appreciation of all things oenological. After graduating from the Algonquin College Sommelier Program with the Sommelier Award of Excellence, David began his search for a stronger understanding of what the wine world has to offer.

Master classes at London’s prestigious Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and studies at the University of Californian at Davis (UC Davis) fed the hunger for wine-related travel. Searching for great wine amidst memorable terroir is something that needs to be shared and Vinirefera is where these experiences can come to life.